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Joint Rotation Exercises


  • Stand erect.
  • Rotate the head slowly from right to left, and then vice versa.
  • A variation is to tilt the head to the left while being gently and slightly pulled down by your left hand. Repeat to the right side with the right hand. To the back and front.


  • Stand erect and stretch arms to the front. Rotate them to your sides and back slowly upward and then downward.


  • Stand erect and throw your left leg to the front, side, back, and then to the front again in one swift motion. Do the same with the right leg. If you can, rotate them as high as you can, as long as you keep perfect balance. You may hold on to a table or chair at first.


  • Stand erect and then bend the knees a little. Put both hands on them and then rotate them clockwise, and then counter-clockwise.


  • Stand erect adn then tip-toe on your right foot and rotate it slowly. Do the same with the left foot.

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